Rats in the Pantry

Cecil asks the characters to investigate what’s happening with his Candlenut cupcakes. He needs something to brighten his mood since he’s lost at backgammon 23 straight games in a row to queen Cecilia. The Candlenut cupcakes are being made by Chef Hugo Van Tott, but Van Tott has many complaints. His supply of Candlenuts keeps disapearing. He suspects his assistant Spivey, but Spivey is sick (probably from eating too many Candlenuts!). In any case, half a shipment of Candlenuts just came in last night and so… wait… they’re gone. How could they have just disappeared!

If the characters go and talk to Spivey, they find that he has defended his room with a great big cooking pot and a giant ladel that will attack the characters in attempt to keep them from Spivey’s room. They will attempt to dump the characters in a living cauldron of soup. Spivey is hiding in his room because of dark shapes he saw in the kitchen at night near the cabinet!

If the characters wait and watch the cabinet when the next shipment comes, they will meet Tick and Tock, two wererats, have been stealing the Candlenuts for their master the Nickodemus. Nickodemus is attempting to fix a giant clock, but the directions are in moon writing, which can only be read…you guessed it… by candlelight. In any case, a big fight ensues on the clockwork mechanisms between the forces of Nickodemus and the characters. If the characters can beat half of Nick’s guards in 5 rounds, the guard come to help out. If not, Nickodemus puts the finishing touches on his clock and opens a great door deep into the heart of castle Luna de Luna.

188 figurehead of a ram: Drama faces (roleplaying scene maybe?)
141 Drunken miners sing a song in and out of tune (apple…distraction
77 Darkened scorched Earth reaches the clouds (wand…some kind of spell cast to open a door)
100 Magical evidence is not allowed in the case (investigation without magic)
203 Iron made Deep Dwarf fortress guards the path (travel through the walls)
86 A city built into a cliff (trapped)
349 Investigate Ms. Mooney’s PIe shop for the real source of meat (lots of strange fish and fishing supplies…maybe the dwarves have them)
143 Rye Whiskey (Cecil?)
101 Witness murdered before the trial begins
121 Book of poetry , personal journal, mapmaking tools, pen and ink, ring or keys, steel bracelet, 3 gp (if the characters search

Rats in the Pantry

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